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Your support of the Alliance Foundation, regardless of the amount, makes a huge difference in the lives of women in our community and around the world. The Alliance Foundation supports identified programs that improve the status and quality of life for women and children by helping them achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence.


Microfinance is the practice of extending small, uncollateralized loans and other support to low-income people, primarily women, to help them start to expand a business.


The Alliance Foundation grants annual scholarships for non-traditional women in their junior and senior years in college. We believe that education provides a pathway for women to become economically self-sufficient.


The Alliance Foundation supports programs that improve the lives of women and children by helping them achieve self-reliance and independence.

Who are we?

The Alliance Foundation was founded by members of The Alliance of Professional Women in 1994. Its purpose is to improve the lives of women and children in our international community with our Village Bank program and in our local community by awarding college scholarships and local community outreach to women and children.

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Why We Are Different


Opportunities to develop personal and professional alliances are the core of The Alliance. These alliances create meaningful opportunities for business and social relationships. Many women in The Alliance develop lifelong friendships and support networks with other women of diverse professional backgrounds who share common energies, interests and goals.

Leadership and Personal Development

The Alliance provides members with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Members are exposed to new ideas, experiences and skills through interactions with women from different professions and at different stages in their lives. The Alliance also provides opportunities to develop and hone leadership skills.

Community Activism

“Women helping women” is an important feature of The Alliance. Through fundraising and hands-on volunteer activities, The Alliance encourages volunteerism and mentoring of both members and others in the community. The Alliance works with other community organizations to support women and girls, and help them move toward their goals of becoming productive and self-sufficient citizens.

Educating and Informing

The Alliance sponsors educational programs on issues of interest and presents speakers who inspire and motivate. The Alliance voices members’ views on current issues, collecting and disseminating information about people, events and issues of importance to our members.

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