• Alliance Foundation Executive Committee

    The Alliance Foundation is grateful for the support of the Foundation Executive Committee. These talented, inspiring women are dedicated to helping women in our community and around the world create better lives for themselves and their families.

    • Executive Director - Kerry Hammond
    • President - Melissa Richards
    • Treasurer - Kathie Moeller
    • Secretary - Willy Wilson
    • President Elect - Tracie Romero

     At Large members are:

    • At Large - Chelsey Burns
    • At Large - Leah Dirks
    • At Large - Sheila Drew
    • At Large - Patricia Foley Hinnen
    • At Large - Jill Klancke
    • At Large - Lee Lipniskis
    • At Large - Mollie Savage
    • At Large - Kelly Snodgrass


  • How Can You Help?

    Would You Like To Take A More Active Role in Helping Women Trying to Help Themselves?

    Call Kerry Hammond, Executive Director
    at 303-368-4747

    Find out how you can contribute
    to the lives of women
    all over the world!